About the company

M.A.D.E Royalty Entertainment Is a company founded in 2018 to showcase the talent of Rising Entrepreneurs like myself M.R. Smylez. MRE as we like to abbreviate it incorporates all forms of urban arts and artistry from fashion, to music, to poetry.  The Made Royalty Brand expresses the beauty of individualism and also highlights the viewpoints of our nations urban cities and culture that we like to call it Our way of Life.

Made Royalty Entertainment

About the Artists


MR. Smylez

MR Smylez is a gifted Rapper hailing out of the DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) area.  He jumped on the music scene in 2017 with the release of his first mixed tape The Best Unknown which is available on Sound Cloud. MR Smylez is an artist who brings witty lyrics mixed with a crafty delivery and a stylish urban image that is trend setting.  Check out songs from his three albums The Best Unknown, Kings Blood and The Preview on the Music page.